History of Instagram

Instagram is one of the most important and popular social networks today. It is a mobile application that allows users to upload images and videos, whether edited or not. People can decide whether to edit their videos through filters, frames, colors, etc. Those images or videos can be seen by other users you follow as well as other people. 

The growth of this application has been exponential over the years. Most of the people in the world use it, and that includes famous such as movie actors, renowned athletes, etc. 

Instagram is an excellent platform where people can share the current moments of their lives through images and videos as well as memories of their past. 

Today, the platform has different functions so that users can show part of their lives through videos and images. It has the option of Instagram Stories, which consists of placing photos or videos either promoting a product or your daily life without saturating your community of followers. In addition, it also allows you to record live videos for one hour through the Instagram Live function. 

Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger before Instagram 

Kevin Systrom was born on December 30, 1983, in Holliston, Massachusetts. As he grew up, he became passionate about the world of video games and programming. 

He studied at Stanford University and graduated from Science and Engineering in 2006. Subsequently, he started working at Google to develop geolocation apps as well as Google Calendar, Gmail, Spreadsheets, Docs, and more. Kevin worked two years at this company and then retired due to frustration at not being moved to the Associate Product Manager program. Another reason for his resignation was that he wanted to experience new things. 

A short time later, Systrom joined Nextstop, which was an initiative by Google ex-workers and would later be acquired by Facebook in 2010. From there, he made the prototype of Burbn that then, along with Krieger, would lead to the creation of Instagram. 

On the other hand, Michel Krieger was born on March 4, 1986, in São Paulo, Brazil.  

In 2004, he moved to California and began studying at Stanford University. Mike started to specialize in computing and psychology. Before joining Systrom in Instagram development, he worked at Microsoft and Startups. 

Instagram History 

Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger met at Stanford University when they were approximately 20 years old. 

At those times, Kevin proposed to Mike to work on the development of a photography platform tailored for the iPhone 4 camera. This application was launched on October 6, 2010, in the Apple Store under the name of Instagram. The name of this app comes from “instant camera” and “telegram.” 

Instagram started as a platform where you can upload photos and edit them through different filters. Systrom uploaded the first photo to this social network where the foot of his girlfriend and his dog appeared. 

Three months later, the app had become famous, reaching more than a million users, which would continue to grow exponentially when the Android version was launched on April 3, 2012. That day it had more than a million downloads. 

At the time, creating a social network didn’t seem as innovative as Facebook existed. However, Instagram had an advantage over the platform created by Mark Zuckerberg and was the instant connection between the Smartphone’s camera and the broadcast medium. That single feature was the one that attracted millions of people. 

In April 2012, Instagram was sold to Facebook for $ 1 billion in cash and shares. Kevin received $ 400 million. 

From there, Krieger, the other co-founder, set about building a solid foundation to allow the platform to continue to grow after Facebook acquired it. He assured that the platform will remain safe for all young people and that it would also represent an excellent business opportunity for small companies. 

Instagram continued to grow and innovate features. In 2013, it started using a private chat service so that users could communicate with each other. Another of the innovations made that year is that the app began to allow users the ability to tag photos within the platform. 

The number of users grew immensely in the following years. On December 1, 2014, Instagram reached 300 million users. That figure would double two years later. Currently, it has more than a billion active users throughout the world. 

Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger Retire From Instagram 

These two friends met at Stanford University, who would later become billionaires due to an idea that would put them on top. Instagram has been their greatest creation and source of income of millions of dollars. 

Two years after creating that platform, they decided to sell it to another person of the same age who had already been successful with a social network, Mark Zuckerberg. 

This business relationship had somehow made them friends. However, that relationship was broken due to the little control they had (Kevin and Mike) over the company. 

One of the reasons this happened is because the popularity of Instagram was growing tremendously, while that of Facebook had stagnated. This situation caused Facebook to add new features that went against the Instagram approach. 

The innovations by Mark Zuckerberg had certain protection flaws, which put more pressure on the billionaire. That led Mark to exercise more control over Instagram. 

This way of acting went against the model that Kevin and Mike followed. Mark’s control over Instagram was reason enough for the two billionaire friends to abandon this platform. The same had happened with the co-founders of WhatsApp. 

It was a new opportunity for Systrom and Krieger to experience new things and put their creativity and curiosity to the test again. 

The arrival of the coronavirus gave them an opportunity to re-associate on April 18, 2020. The intention was to launch a new product called rt.live, which consists of a tracker to verify how fast COVID-19 is spreading in each state.